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Where to start … December 17, 2009

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I guess my first post should be this:
What my little house looked like whenI bought it and some info on my piece of the city.  Here are her stats from when I settled … before any renovations. 

Oh, by the way – I refer to my house as female … her, she, etc.  She just feels like a women to me.  An old women, but a women none the less

Built 1875
Living Room 12×10
Dining Room/Kitchen Combo 24×10
“Master” Bedroom 12×10
Back Bedroom 8×10
1 Full Bath 6×4
 just about 584 square feet

(click picture below to enlarge)

Some of the highlights, lets go with some of the lowlights…

  • a smell that could wake the dead
  • “once beige” carpet
  • drop ceilings
  • not a fridge in sight, and not a door big enough to get a fridge in