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“I can do that” – Wall Art January 3, 2010

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I was inspired by this:



Then I thought to myself,  “I can do that” …
Then I thought to myself “Why spend $60+, when you can do it with paint you already have” …

I had the perfect spot picked out:  this corner of my dining room
002 (2)


What a perfect way to spend a Saturday night when it is like 10 degrees outside and the wind is whipping!  So I head up stairs with my inspiration picture on my screen, pencil in hand.  I free hand the design on the wall.  I stand back and take a look. 
“ Wow!”  I am now super confident I can do it.

005 (2)


Now time to start painting.  I get my craft paint in brown and go at it. 
Hmmm…. so, needs some help.  The branches got a lot wider then I wanted.  There are two parts that I am definitely not loving.  My mind starts to fill with doubt at this point.  I take a deep breath and sit down. 006 (2)


Then a little light bulb goes off … I remember buying a magic eraser at the Home Depot. 

Magic Eraser + a lot of elbow grease + prayer = this:
Also, with a little hubby advise to extend some of the branches

007 (2)

Ok, confidence slowing returning.  Feeling better! 

Decide to move forward and add flowers.  I go and draw three flowers; small, medium, and large.  I cut them out as stencils.  Then trace them and paint them.

And my belly ache is back.  Oh, I hate the flowers!  It looks like this is a middle school mural, not something in a dining room…

012 (2)

I cant take anymore, decide to sleep on it.

I wake up and my first thought is the octopus thing I drew on my dining room wall.  I head downstairs to decide to what i think … still hate the flowers.  So decide to try to remove them.  Again … a little prayer + a little elbow grease + a little Windex + a magic eraser + 500 paper towel = (+ a little bit of brown touchup)018 (2)


Then I thought of these little wood flower I had from World Market and decided to add a few:

with flowers 1

with flowers


It is love.  Still think I will go add a few more tiny twigs.  But so happy with it.

023 (2)


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