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Monogrammed Tray January 6, 2010

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It all stared when we bought this:



Target: $79.99

We were going to use it in our new family room as a ottoman/coffee table.  The problem was we were not going to be able to sit drinks on it.  I decided we would need a tray.  After doing a little shopping I could not find one that screamed “buy me” especially when most were wearing $20+ price tags.


At a trip to Joann Fabric I found this:

Joann: $6.99

My Plan:  stain the surface and paint the frame black.



After my coat of stain I discovered a slight problem.  Look at the picture below, do you see it?  See the yucky yellow stuff around the edges?  I know, I am SHOCKED that my $7 tray was not perfectly made.  So, the yucky glue would not hold stain.  Plan change!  I am going to add a border to the tray to cover the faulty construction.



After two coats of black paint:


I decide it needed a little something … so decided to add a little monogram action:


Kind of reminds me of L from Laverne and Shirley, but I am ok with it.  I like it, and look how good it looks on the ottoman.



Project Summary:

Tray: $6.99

Black paint: $.99

Stain: left over from another project



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