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Dining Room – done? January 13, 2010

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Ever been here:  SO many projects going at one time you keep working and working and working but nothing is getting 100% done.  Well, the end of this summer this is exactly where I was.  So much going on at one time! 

So I decided, finish one room at a time. 

I started in my dining room. 
I started here because:
a) I really wanted to redo my furniture  (see a few post below)
b) because it was not too much to do
c) it should not cost too much money

Is it done? 
It couldn’t be, could it?
Holy Smokes … I think it may be done!


Here it is, in all its glory:




026 (2)


When I rehabbed my house (back in ‘07)I knew two thing, I wanted French doors.


                             Home Depot.  4 foot wide.  $317.  They were unfinished pine, that I painted White.


I wanted an illuminated Tray Ceiling.

086 090 

              We wired a plug to a switch.  The plug is hiding behind the crown molding.


The decor for my whole first floor is being inspired by the colors in this table cloth. 
Blue, Green, Brown/Tan, little Pink.


                              Target.  about 5 years ago.


I also decided to paint a wall mural. (details a few post down).  Finally I had to yell at myself “Put, the paint brush DOWN!”  I just kept tinkering with it.   

tree done


I loved the idea of a lamp in the dining room.  This is also where I decided to hang my memorial for Hope including her picture and hand and foot prints.




093 094098072101100  099


My book page wreath.  Inspired by Living with Lindsay.  Love it, it is perfect in the room!


… after looking back at the motivation, I may need to add more pages…

I feel good having one room done!

What do you think?


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