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Next Up: the front room January 14, 2010

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Once I typed that I had to wonder, is that a local thing? 
Does anyone else have a “front room”? 
As you have maybe read, I live in a row house .  In some parts it would referred to as a  Townhouse. 
But in my city, they are row homes.  

So my front room, it is the first room you come into when you come into the front door.
This was my living room, but with the basement finished the TV and sofa moved down to there and I am stuck with an empty front room. 

Growing up, my grandmother’s front room was only entered when walking in and out of the house.  You were not allowed to sit on the sofa, or turn on the lamp.  Basically it was off limits.

I don’t want exactly that feel.  I am thinking 2 chairs, a rug, and a mantle. 
Plain, simple, pretty … but not stuffy and NOT off limits!

Now that it is empty, we have close to a blank canvas. 

Here is where we are today:

The walls are freshly painted so the colors are set.  Remember from my dining room post, the whole floors color palate is coming from this fabric:


Here is the dining room chair fabric:


Walls color:

montgomery white weekend getaway


We also need to finish our steps, we opened the wall up when we finished the basement.



I am working on my plan and budget, then will get started! 


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