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Update – Finishing the steps February 28, 2010

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I started with a bright and early trip to Home Depot.  Home Depot opens at 6am in these parts.  At 7:30 when I arrived it was packed!  So was the parking lot to the Walmart across the street.  Why aren’t these people sleeping in on a Saturday morning!

Of course, like always I over bought.  But I will be returning all my extras this week.  Once that is done I will update the cost summary of the project.

By far the hardest most time consuming part was figuring everything out.  Assembly was a breeze.  Having a house built in 1875 means nothing at all is straight.  You could not find a level wall or floor in this house if your life depended on it!

Here is where we started:

2-24 084


Here is where we are this morning.  We probably worked for about 3 hours.  I come from a family of carpenters.  My father had he own business where my three brothers worked.  One brother, my helper (I am more like his helper), is still in the business.  He does great work!

steps 022


As you can see there is still lots to do, but we got a great start and I love how they are coming out.  We still need to trim everything out, and then paint all the trim white (all that is green will be painted white as well).


During the project:

steps 006

steps 009

steps 010

steps 011

steps 014

steps 016

steps 026

steps 028


More to come …


Plan – Finishing the steps February 24, 2010

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Saturday will mark the start of the project of finishing my front room.  This was our living room until we refinished the basement.  Since we moved the stuff down the basement this room has sat empty. 

Besides the furniture and decorating a big undertaking will be the railings for the steps.  Before the basement was finished the basement steps were closed off and there was a door at the top.  We opened them up so the basement family room would not feel like a dungeon. 

Here is where it stands today:

2-24 066

Above: View from basement steps

2-24 081

Above: view of steps.  (Keeping it real…please don’t judge on the mess – some stuff to go upstairs and some stuff to go down)



The Steps:

In addition to the details below there is some additional trim work needed for the steps.  I budgeted $100 for the trim

front room plan2 - steps


front room plan 3


Once the steps are done the fun stuff can begin!

Step Budget:  $250


Kitchen Curtains … and my new favorite store February 18, 2010

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Even though I said my next project would be my front room …. I did find myself skipping around a bit.  Maybe it was the HUGE snow fall we just had!

I recently discovered a blog that was local to me :  Pigtown Design
I love a blog that references places I know like Second Chance, Inc.
I also love when I learn something new. 
Pigtown Designs introduced me to Debois Textiles.  Which became a true love at first visit.  Basically, discount fabrics … aka a little piece of heaven not far from Raven Stadium.


Here is my kitchen after a fresh coat of paint:
I like to think good bones … just needs some warming up.



This rug from World Market was my inspiration piece for the room:
(all my rooms start with one piece)



So after my first trip to DeBois I found this fabric:
For $4.59/yard!
curtain fabric

curtains 2


JUST What the room needed!  $14 in fabric changed the whole feeling of the room.  Warmed it right up.  I will post more pictures of the whole room together … it is close now … almost perfect!

P.S.  I will also discuss those sand jars on the window ledge.