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Plan – Finishing the steps February 24, 2010

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Saturday will mark the start of the project of finishing my front room.  This was our living room until we refinished the basement.  Since we moved the stuff down the basement this room has sat empty. 

Besides the furniture and decorating a big undertaking will be the railings for the steps.  Before the basement was finished the basement steps were closed off and there was a door at the top.  We opened them up so the basement family room would not feel like a dungeon. 

Here is where it stands today:

2-24 066

Above: View from basement steps

2-24 081

Above: view of steps.  (Keeping it real…please don’t judge on the mess – some stuff to go upstairs and some stuff to go down)



The Steps:

In addition to the details below there is some additional trim work needed for the steps.  I budgeted $100 for the trim

front room plan2 - steps


front room plan 3


Once the steps are done the fun stuff can begin!

Step Budget:  $250


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