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Sand Jar Memories March 5, 2010

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Many many moons ago as I looked through the Pottery Barn catalog I noticed a display wall.

On this wall – ledges,
on the ledges – mason jars,
in the jars – sand. 
I knew I just had to do this one day.

Fast forward about 3 years … on the first trip I took with Mr. LoveCityLiving we collected sand from the beach at the lake.

We have kept up the tradition.  We are up to 5 jars.  They sit on our kitchen window ledge.

We contemplated doing jars from places without sand … like when we went to New York City or Disney World.  But, decided to keep it simple, just a sand and shell collection.

With my newly obtained Cricut I just made labels for the jars.  The name of the beach on the front, on the back I wrote the state we were in and the date.

Here we are without label … just sand in a jar.


Below:  If we find shells we put those in too!


Below:  Here are all 5 sandy places we have been!


Below:  Labeled with my new Cricut!


Below:  Here they are all lined up.


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One Response to “Sand Jar Memories”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I love this! I really wish I would have thought to do this 10 years ago when we got married! We have been to so many fabulous beaches, from here in Alabama to California to Cozumel….we could have a good collection. I may start doing this with the kids!

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