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Ever have to re-do? March 10, 2010

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85% of the time I end up loving the ideas I have. 

I am happy we tore down the wall by the basement …
happy with fabric I picked for my kitchen curtains…
happy with the tree I painted in my dining room …

But, sometimes I like the idea by my execution is off. 
Sometimes, I have to re-do what I just did.

I worked on two “re-dos” today:

1)  My dining room table: 

Refinishing my dining room table was one of the first projects I blogged about.  I even admitted that I was a little worried about the stain.

Well, here is what it looked like this morning:
There were a few issues:


can you see it??  My table was fuzzy!  There must have been lint or dust in the air when I put the poly on … so there was all this stuck on lint like stuff.  When you rubbed your hand across the surface it felt bumpy and kind of dirty.  NOT GOOD!  I had in my head I would wait until Spring broke before tackling refinishing it.  This time – outside!


Then this happened:


The poly started to crack off.  Oh, no!  I was so upset when I saw it.  You can see where I rubbed my nail over it to try to see what was going on.    This I could not live with until Spring.    So today we took to sanding the almost new finish off.  


Here is where we are now … waiting for the stain to dry.


My second re-do of the day is this:

Yes, I still want these words above my kitchen doorway.  But, maybe not so big.  A little smaller, and maybe a script. 

So, I pulled out my blue … and we are here:

I bought some black vinyl to cut the words out using my Cricut.  One I get another coat of blue on, and let it dry I will add the words. (DONT LOOK:  you can see me and my work sweats in the mirror!)


I will follow up when my re-dos are DONE!


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