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Front Room – first purchase March 15, 2010

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So, I really really want a fireplace. 
A real wood and fire, chimney, and smoke fireplace.
But, I live mid-block.
All the original chimneys are long gone.

So what is a girl to do?

I considered just building a mantle.
I have been on the fence about an electric fireplace.
I looked at vent free gas.

FINALLY … I settled on a Gel Fuel from


I spent $266 total, including my ridiculously cheap $1 shipping.
Ordered it this morning, and it already shipped!

I figured it this way … if the fire part is super cheesy (think catering burners) – I can just use it as a mantle.  I think the wood work is very pretty.  And hey, I have spent $266 in worse ways.

I can not WAIT for it to arrive!  Now I have a formal front room to plan around it!


One Response to “Front Room – first purchase”

  1. The house I am waiting to settle on has a gas fireplace in the front room! It’s got a brick mantle, but I think I can probably rustle up a cool wood one from Housewerks or Second Chance!

    (And don’t you LOVE DeBois!)

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