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Dining Room – done? January 13, 2010

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Ever been here:  SO many projects going at one time you keep working and working and working but nothing is getting 100% done.  Well, the end of this summer this is exactly where I was.  So much going on at one time! 

So I decided, finish one room at a time. 

I started in my dining room. 
I started here because:
a) I really wanted to redo my furniture  (see a few post below)
b) because it was not too much to do
c) it should not cost too much money

Is it done? 
It couldn’t be, could it?
Holy Smokes … I think it may be done!


Here it is, in all its glory:




026 (2)


When I rehabbed my house (back in ‘07)I knew two thing, I wanted French doors.


                             Home Depot.  4 foot wide.  $317.  They were unfinished pine, that I painted White.


I wanted an illuminated Tray Ceiling.

086 090 

              We wired a plug to a switch.  The plug is hiding behind the crown molding.


The decor for my whole first floor is being inspired by the colors in this table cloth. 
Blue, Green, Brown/Tan, little Pink.


                              Target.  about 5 years ago.


I also decided to paint a wall mural. (details a few post down).  Finally I had to yell at myself “Put, the paint brush DOWN!”  I just kept tinkering with it.   

tree done


I loved the idea of a lamp in the dining room.  This is also where I decided to hang my memorial for Hope including her picture and hand and foot prints.




093 094098072101100  099


My book page wreath.  Inspired by Living with Lindsay.  Love it, it is perfect in the room!


… after looking back at the motivation, I may need to add more pages…

I feel good having one room done!

What do you think?


Wall Art – Updated! January 4, 2010

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So, after posting my project on the nest I received some awesome advice!  I added color to the flowers, and added a few more.  Here are the updated pics.  Also, the flowers were on stems from World Market. 










The perfect touch to the dining room!  This room is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house!




“I can do that” – Wall Art January 3, 2010

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I was inspired by this:



Then I thought to myself,  “I can do that” …
Then I thought to myself “Why spend $60+, when you can do it with paint you already have” …

I had the perfect spot picked out:  this corner of my dining room
002 (2)


What a perfect way to spend a Saturday night when it is like 10 degrees outside and the wind is whipping!  So I head up stairs with my inspiration picture on my screen, pencil in hand.  I free hand the design on the wall.  I stand back and take a look. 
“ Wow!”  I am now super confident I can do it.

005 (2)


Now time to start painting.  I get my craft paint in brown and go at it. 
Hmmm…. so, needs some help.  The branches got a lot wider then I wanted.  There are two parts that I am definitely not loving.  My mind starts to fill with doubt at this point.  I take a deep breath and sit down. 006 (2)


Then a little light bulb goes off … I remember buying a magic eraser at the Home Depot. 

Magic Eraser + a lot of elbow grease + prayer = this:
Also, with a little hubby advise to extend some of the branches

007 (2)

Ok, confidence slowing returning.  Feeling better! 

Decide to move forward and add flowers.  I go and draw three flowers; small, medium, and large.  I cut them out as stencils.  Then trace them and paint them.

And my belly ache is back.  Oh, I hate the flowers!  It looks like this is a middle school mural, not something in a dining room…

012 (2)

I cant take anymore, decide to sleep on it.

I wake up and my first thought is the octopus thing I drew on my dining room wall.  I head downstairs to decide to what i think … still hate the flowers.  So decide to try to remove them.  Again … a little prayer + a little elbow grease + a little Windex + a magic eraser + 500 paper towel = (+ a little bit of brown touchup)018 (2)


Then I thought of these little wood flower I had from World Market and decided to add a few:

with flowers 1

with flowers


It is love.  Still think I will go add a few more tiny twigs.  But so happy with it.

023 (2)


Refinishing Dining Room Table and Chairs

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Here is what we started with:
Table is from Ikea a few years ago
Chairs are hand me downs from my sister.  I am pretty sure they were from Value City Furniture.



I started with the table.  I sanded, and sanded, and sanded the top.  The plan was to stain that part.  I then painted the bottom of the table to match the frame of the chair.  Kind of yellow/beige/weathered.  Please don’t mind the dust floor … it was 18 degrees outside so this happened right in the dining room.




Then the chairs – part 1.  The chair on the right is how they were, the one on the right is after I took the same stain as the table, and put it on then rubbed it right off the chair.  Trying to darken them up a bit. 




The Chairs – Part 2 – I covered the chairs with padding and fabric. 
The stain is not yet 100% dry (kind of worried, not going to lie) … but it is close to finished.



031 (2)


Project Summary:
Fabric  1.5 yards – $14.99

Chair Pads – $6.99/2

Stain – $5.99

Paint – from my craft closet