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Front Room – More purchases … March 17, 2010

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As I sit and stalk UPS to see exactly where my fireplace is I have been picking up a few other pieces for the room. (Update:  The boxes are in my state as of 12:18am … but not yet in route to me)

As I considered how to furnish the room I knew I did not want to spend a lot of money on seating.  Because really, no one is going to sit in this room.  Literally it will be for show.  It will be so that the first room as you enter the front door is not empty.   Occasionally, when waiting for someone to pick me up I may sit. 

So we settled on this little loveseat from Ikea:


I know!
I know you may be thinking … this looks kind of modern. 
Kind of square.  
I agree with those things. 
But hey, it was $149.  It is a great neutral/oatmeal shade … oh, and did I mention it was $149! 

Picture it:  Some great thrown pillows and a carefully thrown throw over one arm and part of the seat and back … can you see it?  I sure can!

Also, bonus points for the fact that once we removed it from the box last night … it fit in my Nissan. 

Another purchase happened yesterday when I had a few minutes between appointments.  I turned a corner and saw a Home Goods.  I had never been to this particular Home Goods.  With about 7 minutes to spare I ran in there.  I found this beauty:

Perfect color!  Yellow, green, aged.  Perfect.

Love the detail on the top!
Loved the price $49.99!


So two pieces in, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the centerpiece:


Here is where we stand right now:
I am going to be pulling out some old packed away accessories to see what  I have before I start with accessories. 


Oh, and a lunch time trip to DeBois textiles for fabric for my pillows.  And maybe, if I find something perfect some home made curtains!


Front Room – first purchase March 15, 2010

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So, I really really want a fireplace. 
A real wood and fire, chimney, and smoke fireplace.
But, I live mid-block.
All the original chimneys are long gone.

So what is a girl to do?

I considered just building a mantle.
I have been on the fence about an electric fireplace.
I looked at vent free gas.

FINALLY … I settled on a Gel Fuel from


I spent $266 total, including my ridiculously cheap $1 shipping.
Ordered it this morning, and it already shipped!

I figured it this way … if the fire part is super cheesy (think catering burners) – I can just use it as a mantle.  I think the wood work is very pretty.  And hey, I have spent $266 in worse ways.

I can not WAIT for it to arrive!  Now I have a formal front room to plan around it!


Update 3 – Finishing the steps – ALMOST there March 7, 2010

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A lot of nail setting,
a lot of hole puttying,
a lot of blue painters tape,
and paint,
and stain,
and touch-ups … and we are here:


Still more touching up to do.  And finally getting to the ceiling under the steps … but we are getting closer.  The smell of the stain on Saturday required me to go lay down.  But I jumped back on the wagon today.


It is a LONG way from here:
This is the day I settled on the house …

(sorry for the poor pic, it is a save as from someplace since I lost everything when my computer died)




Then we got to here:

with arrow

steps 022


Now we are here:






More to do … but I like where we are heading!

P.S.  I am working on my supple cost summary.  I am very lucky to have a very handy brother that I paid very little to do the project.  But I will give you and idea of cost of supplies.

P.P.S.  I must express my love of the magic eraser.  Without it I would most likely be cleaning paint off the steps.


Update 2 – Finishing the steps March 5, 2010

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Trim, Trim, and more Trim.

Trim is exactly what the steps needed to help them look finished.
There are still tons of holes to fill, and caulk to use … but you cant help but to notice the progress!

I am so excited to get the paint out I can hardly control it.

Getting the painting done will lead to one thing … DECORATING!

Here is where we are:






P.S. Step building is VERY dusty!


Update – Finishing the steps February 28, 2010

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I started with a bright and early trip to Home Depot.  Home Depot opens at 6am in these parts.  At 7:30 when I arrived it was packed!  So was the parking lot to the Walmart across the street.  Why aren’t these people sleeping in on a Saturday morning!

Of course, like always I over bought.  But I will be returning all my extras this week.  Once that is done I will update the cost summary of the project.

By far the hardest most time consuming part was figuring everything out.  Assembly was a breeze.  Having a house built in 1875 means nothing at all is straight.  You could not find a level wall or floor in this house if your life depended on it!

Here is where we started:

2-24 084


Here is where we are this morning.  We probably worked for about 3 hours.  I come from a family of carpenters.  My father had he own business where my three brothers worked.  One brother, my helper (I am more like his helper), is still in the business.  He does great work!

steps 022


As you can see there is still lots to do, but we got a great start and I love how they are coming out.  We still need to trim everything out, and then paint all the trim white (all that is green will be painted white as well).


During the project:

steps 006

steps 009

steps 010

steps 011

steps 014

steps 016

steps 026

steps 028


More to come …


Plan – Finishing the steps February 24, 2010

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Saturday will mark the start of the project of finishing my front room.  This was our living room until we refinished the basement.  Since we moved the stuff down the basement this room has sat empty. 

Besides the furniture and decorating a big undertaking will be the railings for the steps.  Before the basement was finished the basement steps were closed off and there was a door at the top.  We opened them up so the basement family room would not feel like a dungeon. 

Here is where it stands today:

2-24 066

Above: View from basement steps

2-24 081

Above: view of steps.  (Keeping it real…please don’t judge on the mess – some stuff to go upstairs and some stuff to go down)



The Steps:

In addition to the details below there is some additional trim work needed for the steps.  I budgeted $100 for the trim

front room plan2 - steps


front room plan 3


Once the steps are done the fun stuff can begin!

Step Budget:  $250


Next Up: the front room January 14, 2010

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Once I typed that I had to wonder, is that a local thing? 
Does anyone else have a “front room”? 
As you have maybe read, I live in a row house .  In some parts it would referred to as a  Townhouse. 
But in my city, they are row homes.  

So my front room, it is the first room you come into when you come into the front door.
This was my living room, but with the basement finished the TV and sofa moved down to there and I am stuck with an empty front room. 

Growing up, my grandmother’s front room was only entered when walking in and out of the house.  You were not allowed to sit on the sofa, or turn on the lamp.  Basically it was off limits.

I don’t want exactly that feel.  I am thinking 2 chairs, a rug, and a mantle. 
Plain, simple, pretty … but not stuffy and NOT off limits!

Now that it is empty, we have close to a blank canvas. 

Here is where we are today:

The walls are freshly painted so the colors are set.  Remember from my dining room post, the whole floors color palate is coming from this fabric:


Here is the dining room chair fabric:


Walls color:

montgomery white weekend getaway


We also need to finish our steps, we opened the wall up when we finished the basement.



I am working on my plan and budget, then will get started!