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Front Room – More purchases … March 17, 2010

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As I sit and stalk UPS to see exactly where my fireplace is I have been picking up a few other pieces for the room. (Update:  The boxes are in my state as of 12:18am … but not yet in route to me)

As I considered how to furnish the room I knew I did not want to spend a lot of money on seating.  Because really, no one is going to sit in this room.  Literally it will be for show.  It will be so that the first room as you enter the front door is not empty.   Occasionally, when waiting for someone to pick me up I may sit. 

So we settled on this little loveseat from Ikea:


I know!
I know you may be thinking … this looks kind of modern. 
Kind of square.  
I agree with those things. 
But hey, it was $149.  It is a great neutral/oatmeal shade … oh, and did I mention it was $149! 

Picture it:  Some great thrown pillows and a carefully thrown throw over one arm and part of the seat and back … can you see it?  I sure can!

Also, bonus points for the fact that once we removed it from the box last night … it fit in my Nissan. 

Another purchase happened yesterday when I had a few minutes between appointments.  I turned a corner and saw a Home Goods.  I had never been to this particular Home Goods.  With about 7 minutes to spare I ran in there.  I found this beauty:

Perfect color!  Yellow, green, aged.  Perfect.

Love the detail on the top!
Loved the price $49.99!


So two pieces in, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the centerpiece:


Here is where we stand right now:
I am going to be pulling out some old packed away accessories to see what  I have before I start with accessories. 


Oh, and a lunch time trip to DeBois textiles for fabric for my pillows.  And maybe, if I find something perfect some home made curtains!


Front Room – first purchase March 15, 2010

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So, I really really want a fireplace. 
A real wood and fire, chimney, and smoke fireplace.
But, I live mid-block.
All the original chimneys are long gone.

So what is a girl to do?

I considered just building a mantle.
I have been on the fence about an electric fireplace.
I looked at vent free gas.

FINALLY … I settled on a Gel Fuel from


I spent $266 total, including my ridiculously cheap $1 shipping.
Ordered it this morning, and it already shipped!

I figured it this way … if the fire part is super cheesy (think catering burners) – I can just use it as a mantle.  I think the wood work is very pretty.  And hey, I have spent $266 in worse ways.

I can not WAIT for it to arrive!  Now I have a formal front room to plan around it!